Our white baby grand on tour through Vienna

Open Piano for Refugees 19th distict

23 days, 23 districts, 23 extraordinary places in Vienna:
Open Piano for Refugees is on tour with our FEURICH 162 – Dynamic I
for the Viennese Festival of Districts.

In this moment we are placed in the 19th district on Kahlenberg enjoying fantastic weather and a spectacular view over the city. At 7 p.m. there will be a concert with Fanya Palikruschewa de Stella, the composer of the signature song of OMAS GEGEN RECHTS (Grannies Against The Right). Before and after the event piano lovers can enjoy the music or create some own piano sounds.

Three districts are missing to complete the festival! All details are listet on the Facebook page of Open Piano for Refugees.

Open Piano For Refugees 23xVienna